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LOL OK OK I'm redoing the last poll with the same images as Emi's xD Which style should we use for our character busts in the RPG we're making? 

13 deviants said Brit's Style:…
9 deviants said Emi's Style:…



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RotDK Casting Call (Need YGO fancharacters!)

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 14, 2015, 6:35 AM

Casting Information
EDIT: Please view the Game Information for some added stuff! I edited it to mention a few things I seemed to have forgotten (like to context of the actual universe. Oops!)

Attention all Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fans!

I'm making an Alternate Universe game for YGO GX  (Named Rise of the Demon King) and I really need NPCs! I would love to feature a few non-canon NPCs in it! If you have an OC, or a character you'd like to see in the game, I'd appreciate the participation! <3

If you'd like to read about the game, please scroll down to the Game Information part! <3

They will not have super-important roles, just side quests and small biographies. You will be credited, and I will create art for your character to go in the game.

All Entries MUST fill out the form below:

_Name: (I'm using Japanese dub names, so if your character has a “dub name” and a “Japanese name”, just put the Japanese name, please! I'll also allow for English names if you don't have one.)

_Age: (This will determine your class! There is a school, after all. If it's an adult, I'll make you a teacher.)

_Preferred School: Academia or North Academy (NA is a prestigious school in this AU, where Academia is Duel Academy. Academia is still a good school that's kinda hard to get into, but it's not filled with the “rich people” of Domino City like North is.)

_Race: Human or Demon* (Humans are in every part of the story, where Demons will be in the second half or something like that. Demon characters may appear to be human, but that is simply a ruse. These characters will always be Neutral or Evil)

_Small Description: (Just 2-3 sentences of what your character is like, what the enjoy doing on school days, what subject they like, etc.)

_Visual Reference: (This is required, since this is entirely visual. However, you don't need some professionally done art for this or anything! I can work off of anything!)

_Found: School or City (If you want your character to be found at school, they will wear a uniform. Otherwise it's street clothes)

_Preferred Role: Good, Neutral, or Evil (Evil will be covered at the bottom, with the description of Roles) (Under this, you may also put Demon Hunter** if you would like to be part of that section of the story!

Yes or No (If YES, please tell me what kind of quest you'd like, and what kind of reward want to give our main cast! Not every Quest will be accepted.)

ALL ENTRIES WILL BE CONSIDERED. The amount of them used depends on the amount of characters I receive. Your character does not have to be in GX. They can be from any of the series (Arc-V, Zexal, 5Ds, and so on) but only GX characters will be part of the Main Cast, so keep that in mind!


So, you want to know what kind of game this is before you participate? That's cool!


Sometimes myths are more than myths, and sometimes prophesies are self-fulfilling. When a myth about the end of humanity starts becoming far more real, what would you do to save the world? What if you found that your destiny was bound to follow the same path?

Judai Yuki is a fairly average boy who recently moved to Domino city with his twin brother Haou. Haou has recently been accepted into a prestigious academy, North Academy, due to his perfect scores, where Judai has settled with going to Academia, a well-known academy in Domino, and got in out of luck alone.

The two have lived normal lives up to this point, but recently Haou has been acting detached. Soon, Judai and his friends find a bedtime story the two had been told since childhood was actually a prophesy, and that the end of humanity rests on Judai's shoulders and his brother becomes far more entwined with the tale than he ever imagined.


I seemed to have forgotten this oops!
In this universe, there are no Duel Monsters and there is no dueling.
Main Differences/Conversions:
-Kaiba Corp still exists. It's a monolith of a company that designs gaming equipment and video games.
-Yugi Moto has indeed saved the world, it was just from actual demons and spirits, and through fighting valiantly.
-Ever played Duelists of the Roses? I hope so, it plays a huge part in this.
-Academia and North Academy are located in Domino City. They are not Dorm schools, they're set up like normal schools.
-Many Archetypes of Duel Monsters are Animes and Shows.
   --As an example, "The E-Heroes" is a popular television series from the 90s that featured a group of elemental-based superheroes that could fuse together to make even stronger heroes.
     --Another good example would be the Charmers. If I were to write them, I'd say it was a Magical Girl anime. Darkworld cards are an exception, as they play a huge part. They are actual Demons!

When writing for your character, please try to keep the information broad enough. Give me their likes/dislikes/hobbies that aren't Duel Monsters. Think of it like putting your character into another Universe. What would you replace Duel Monsters with?

In this story, there are Demons and Humans. Often times, the two don't mix, and up until this point demons had been all but forgotten about by society. Very few remain in the Human Realm until a tear between dimensions appears near an old factory at the edge of the city.


Good: Good characters are allies to the main party. They will give them quests that aid the story, give prizes that will push the story along, and will usually be Canon characters. I'll allow a few NPC fancharacters into this slot, though!

Neutral: These characters will just hang around for conversation. They can give free items, or small quests. These characters also have the option of being Demons**

Evil: Evil characters are bullies and Demons. Many of them attend North Academy, but they will also be enemies to fight in the later parts of the game.

*Demons can attend school and do human things, but they will always live in the shittier parts of Domino, and will always be aligned as Neutral or Evil. Demons are hunted by Demon Hunters, so they have a hatred for humanity and will never show any part of their true state in public until later in the story when the city is being attacked.

If you wish for your character to be a Demon, please provide what king of demon you want them to be. HALF-DEMONS are not allowed, as it is a significant plot-point, and as such it is unheard of until a certain part of the story. They are literally killed upon birth in almost every case, save for two special cases.

**Characters have the option of being Demon Hunters, a group of people that fight demons under the darkness of night. They are like the Batmans of this world, as their identities are secret to all but their organization and each other.

SO, if you would like to be part of this game, I would love to see your entries! Please send them to be via note!

All characters will have art done of them in the form of a Tag Force Sprite and Bust, shown here:
Judai Normal by BritishMindslavechazzWIP by BritishMindslaveAU2Haou by BritishMindslave

(Haou is in the North Academy Uniform)
(The second row is my own OCs, drawn by hand!)


.:RotDK: School Uniforms Concept:. by BritishMindslave

Thank you all for the participation! I'm looking forward to seeing your entries!

  • Mood: Optimism

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Jaden Yuki free pixel icon by roseannepage

Brit ; Julia

Capricorn ; December 31st

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX; Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt; My Little Pony; Kingdom Hearts

Skype: BritishMindslave


Make Your Own Catsune: Common and Uncommon
.:CATSUNES: General Information:. by BritishMindslave
.:CATSUNES: Trait Details:. by BritishMindslave
This will purchase the ability for Common and Uncommon Catsune traits!
(FREE right now!)

Prices are subject to change
MYO Catsune: Rare
.:CATSUNES: General Information:. by BritishMindslave
.:CATSUNES: Trait Details:. by BritishMindslave
Purchasing gives you the right to create a Catsune with up to 2 Rare traits
This includes: Albinism, Closed eyes, Droop ears, Fire Fox Flames for Neck Fluff and Tail Tip, Split tail and Bobtail

Prices are subject to change


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